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About Maperitive

Maperitive is a FREE desktop application for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data. You can define what gets on the map and how it is painted. You can also export these maps into bitmaps and SVG files and print them.

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Help & Documentation

Looking for royalty-free vector maps?

Please visit ScalableMaps website where you can purchase various quality and affordable pre-made vector maps of the whole world in SVG, Adobe Illustrator and PDF formats. You can also order custom-made maps, we are at your service!

Videos & Tutorials

Maperitive short demo (5 mins, no audio)


Samples & Screenshots

Custom Map Styles - Hiking

Pohorje, Slovenia

Custom Map Styles

Berlin, overview

Custom Map Styles

Berlin, detail


Strait of Messina, Italy

Elevation Coloring

northern Apenines, Italy

Relief Contours

Alps, Italy-Switzerland

Style Sheets

Scripting & Automation

Python API

3D Export (COLLADA)

Programmable Cartography

Alpenglow script

Import In Google Earth