load-image Command


Loads an image map source into the current map. The newly loaded image will be added to the end of the list of map sources (see list-sources command).


   file=<image file>


After executing the command, the current map source index will be set to this newly loaded source.

NOTE: You need to load a ruleset before loading any images, otherwise the command will fail. This is especially important if you're running your own custom scripts.

Drawing In The Background Vs. The Foreground

Georeferenced images can be drawn either in the background or in the foreground, depending on the nature of the image:


load-image hypso.png

Loads the hypso.png file (it has to have the hypso.pgw world file) and draws it in the background.

load-image file=relief/hillshading.jpg background=false

Loads the hillshading.jpg file from the relief directory and draws it in the foreground.

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