save-map-script Command

Saves the current map as a script which can later be run to load the map back into Maperitive.

The command also moves any generated bitmaps (like the ones generated using the generate-hypsometric Command) from the temporary storage to the same directory where the script will be saved.

All of the map sources need to be saved before running this command. So, for example, if you used DownloadOsm (TODO) you need to save the resulting OSM data to a file (using the SaveSource (TODO)).

The command records a list of generated files. This list can be automatically forwarded to subsequent file commands like ftp-upload Command and zip Command.


save-map-script <script file name>



save-map-script scripts/myscript.mscript

Saves the map to the myscript.mscript file in the scripts directory.

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