Internet Proxy

NOTE: These settings have not been thoroughly tested. If you have any problems, let me know.

If you access Internet through a HTTP proxy, you need to configure a few Maperitive settings:

  1. You have to set the and web.proxy.port to point to your proxy host and port.
  2. If your proxy requires user authentication, you also need to set web.proxy.username and web.proxy.password settings.
  3. Finally, you need to turn on the proxy usage by setting the web.proxy.use-proxy to true.

Once configured, these settings will be saved in your user settings file and will be used every time you run Maperitive.

Here is a sample script which configures the HTTP proxy access using authentication:

 set-setting name=web.proxy.port value=553
 set-setting name=web.proxy.username value=john
 set-setting name=web.proxy.password value=nobodyknows
 set-setting name=web.proxy.use-proxy value=true

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