A zoomable value which specifies the miter limit of an offset line. The miter is the length between the imaginary center of the line at the two line segments' join and the actual offset join. When the two line segments are nearly parallel this length can be very large, so the line-offset-miter-limit is used to limit it.

The value is specified as a multiplier of the line-offset and must be a value greater than or equal to 1. The default value is 2.


	line-color : red
	line-opacity : 0.8
	line-offset : 14:0;15:3;16:5
	line-offset-sides : left
	line-offset-miter-limit : 3
draw : line

draws the line offset with the miter limit of 3.

Below is an example of several different miter limits (the top one is too large to have any effect on the join, the second one uses a miter limit of 4, the third one uses the default 2 and the last one uses the minimum 1):

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