use-ruleset Command

Activates the specified ruleset. If ruleset has not already been loaded, the command loads and parses the rules from the ruleset file.

NOTE: This command does not apply the ruleset to existing map sources on the map. The ruleset will only be applied to map sources that are loaded after the use-ruleset Command has been invoked. If you want to apply the ruleset to already loaded map sources, use apply-ruleset Command.

The command records the ruleset file name in a file list, which can be automatically forwarded to subsequent file commands like ftp-upload Command and zip Command.


use-ruleset location=<ruleset location> alias=<ruleset alias> index=<ruleset index> 
	as-alias=<alias to use>

One (and only one) of the following parameters needs to be specified:

You can assign a new alias to the ruleset by specifying the as-alias parameter.

NOTE: You cannot change the alias for built-in rulesets.


use-ruleset alias=wireframe

Activates the built-in wireframe ruleset.

use-ruleset location=myrules/hiking.mrules as-alias=hiking

Loads the myrules/hiking.mrules ruleset, assigns it "hiking" alias and activates it.

use-ruleset alias=wireframe

Activates the built-in wireframe ruleset and applies it to all of the loaded map sources.

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